Metal Fabrication in Fort Smith, AR

Metal Fabrication

Modern Fence Company is the premier provider of metal fabrication services in Fort Smith, AR. With our expertise in crafting high-quality metal structures, we offer a wide range of custom-made products, including handrails, porch rails, staircases, banisters, batting cages, and escape latches.

At Modern Fence Company, we understand the importance of precision and craftsmanship in metal fabrication. Our experienced team specializes in working with various metals, including steel, aluminum, and wrought iron, to create durable and visually stunning structures. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific design preferences and functional requirements, ensuring that each piece we fabricate is tailored to their unique vision.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, our skilled craftsmen fabricate each metal structure with meticulous attention to detail. From intricate staircases to ornate banisters, we bring expertise and artistry to every project. With Modern Fence Company, you can trust that your metal fabrication needs will be met with the highest level of professionalism, resulting in exceptional products that enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your Fort Smith property.

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